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The Orchard Centre provides the ultimate Irish Incentive by re-enacting a traditional village Fair Day in the late 1930's.

The essence of a nation and the thing that distinguishes it from other nations is the vibrancy of its culture and traditions. Hearken back to the 1930’s to open the window on what Ireland and the Irish are all about.

The place is buzzing with expectation as everyone converges to deluge the town with a rainbow of colour and excitement, drama and laughter.

But behind the laughter and the fun is the hard bargaining. Deals are done with sellers and buyers locked in an age-old mind game, each weighing the calibre of the other like gladiators in a Roman arena, as they probe for weaknesses and assess each other’s strengths. It is the stock exchange in embryo, where the currency is on the hoof or contained within the products of domestic science and artisan skills.

In the Eating House a Banquet is prepared for all. Finally the day ends with tired and happy children, triumphant athletes, sore heads, contented buyers and sellers, satisfied stall holders, lovers who vow to meet soon and friends happy for renewing old friendships.

What a memorable day!

Tug of War