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Working Farm Day

The 'Working Farm Day' is a unique and memorable experience of the countryside and the farmer's way of life. It allows people to live out their dream of being at one with nature and the land. Set on the award winning farm of the Hayden family this is the perfect venue for such an event. Four generations of this family's farming tradition is brought to life in a series of fascinating farm tasks as your guests set off with the experienced farmhands for a real and authentic experience. These tasks are designed so that people of all ages and abilities have an enjoyable experience.

The day's tasks can include:

'Herding of Sheep Flock' - The wonderful spectacle of the trained sheep dog in a battle of wits as he along with our visitors change the sheep flock to fresh pasture.

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'Tending and Feeding of Calves' - The farms large dairy herd produces 130 calves per year and one of the most important tasks is tending to their needs and feeding them - and oh boy do they like meal times.

'Fence them in - Stone Wall Building' - The landscape of Ireland is unique as our pastures are bordered by ditches of stone which were skilfully built by crafted stone masons down through the ages. Our visitors will help with the hauling of the stone and help the mason create this unique piece of landscape architecture.

'Straw Rope Making' - this is the traditional way of making ropes for every day use on the farm, the straw is twisted using a special implement and the finished ropes can be formed into decorative articles.

'Bale Loading' - Each group joins the farmer with his tractor and trailer to move the straw bales to various locations around the farm yard which will provide warmth and comfort to the animals.

'The Vegetable Garden' - The rich tradition of planting the potatoes and other vegetables will provide a rewarding experience for each visitor as they help to prepare the soil which will grow the crops that provide the farmer and his family with food and nourishment in the year ahead.

'Bring Them Home' - The farms dairy herd of 110 cows is milked twice each day and the sight of these beauties making their way home for milking is something to behold.

'Preparing the food for their meal' - This will include collection of timber and turf for the fire, baking of bread on the open-hearth fire, butter making and egg collecting.

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